This tutorial is to show how to make a "Sized Window" (Pop-Up) using software made by
AntsSoft Wise Pop-Up
The software is capable of making Windows suitable for Panorama Virtual Tours by simple making the window pop to the correct size of the page or applet (Your Choice) other choices include if you would like NOT to include window Scroll Bars or Menu bars and where you would like the window to open on the viewers screen.

bullet Download Wise Pop-Up here (When last checked price was $29.95 USD)
bullet As a starter we will cover basic 400 x 300 window pop-up first
bullet Open Wise Pop-Up program and in the first box named "page URL" type in the full address the your .html panorama tour page. You will see I have typed the full address including the http://
bullet The next step is the fill out the "Function Name" I have named this sample 400x300 So I type in Popup_400x300
bullet Then the next box is "Popup Window Name" so PupupWin_400x300 seemed the obvious thing to name it
bullet Now we size the width of our window (In this case 400 pixels)
bullet Then the height (In this case 300 pixels)
bullet The next step is to choose if you would like the "Sized Window" to open dead centre on the viewers screen "Tick/Check box box if yes" like I have.
bullet You will also find that Ticking/Checking the "Preview" Box is a good option. Then when we go to produce code later our "actual" sized window (Pop-Up) will open to make sure it is correct.
bullet As an option you may choose NOT to "Auto Centre" you page for display, in this case you can specify your window display position by entering the amount in pixels from both Top of screen and Left or screen

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