Page 2 continuation of tutorial how to make a "Sized Window" (Pop-Up) using software made by
AntsSoft Wise Pop-Up

bullet The "Style" option are easy and simple to follow simply Tick/Check the boxes of the options you would like to add. NOTE: Ticked/Checked Boxes will add the option, No ticks will display your window without these options. I have ticked/checked the box so that the window will be resizable (as a demo) My final will not be resizable!
bullet You can select as many or as little amount of options from the "Style" boxes
bullet Now is the time to click on the "Make Code" button, Once you do this your window will open (Must be online and your page must exist!) When open you will see if your window page and options display correctly.
bullet Here is a "Screen Shot" of my window that opened after clicking the "Make Code" button.
bullet Now we get to see the "Output" code. First you have one last option the Window Hyperlink "Launch Mode" Standard you would choose "Launch From Link"
bullet You can see here that we have first on our code page "Launch Code" this is the "Click Point" for you .html document NOTE: You may change the "Click Here" text with any text you like. <href="javascript:Popup_400x300">Click Here</a>
bullet Clicking the "Copy Launch Code" button, will copy the launch code onto your clip board.
bullet Now paste anywhere on your .html page within the <body></body> tags.
bullet Now all is left to do is the same thing with the "Popup Code"
bullet Click the "Copy Popup Code" button to get it on your clip board
bullet Paste the Popup Code into your .html code between the <head></head> tags as shown below.
bullet The END.

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